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Corrosion of reinforcing steel and other embedded metals is one of the leading causes of deterioration of concrete. When steel corrodes, the rust occupies a greater volume than steel. The expansion creates stresses in the concrete, which can eventually cause cracking and spalling.

Concrete’s high level of alkalinity creates a thin, invisible, protective oxide film that forms on the reinforcing steel.  As concrete ages carbon dioxide from our environment penetrates the concrete through pores, cracks, and imperfections in the concrete, called Carbonation.  When sodium chloride or calcium chloride exists, along with moisture and oxygen, carbonation occurs, breaking down the protective film and causing corrosion to begin.  The net result is corrosion of the rebar.  The ferrous oxide (rust) exerts enough force on the surrounding material that it splits the concrete.  The spalling can occur at any location on a building but generally shows up in areas where the steel is concentrated, such as at window heads and jambs, building corners, pilasters and column corners

Standard practice for the repair of localized concrete spalls varies depending on the type of concrete being repaired, cause and extent of damage of the spall.  The normal method of repair, is to remove the spalled a concrete, coat the steel with an anti-corrosion coating and patch the spalled area with a corrosion inhibiting polymer modified repair mortar/concrete.  Consulting with an architectural or engineering firm is recommended to diagnose the cause of problem before starting the repair.

Other Services Include:
New Concrete slab on grade, Steps Patios and Driveways, including exposed aggregate and colored concrete.

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