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Testing and Exploration

Exploration test hole
Invasive exploration or test hole openings reveal the
hidden conditions of the original construction.

When water infiltration issues are causing building problems, locating the source of the problem is paramount to determining correct repair actions. Exploration allows you the opportunity to directly observe the source of the problem.

What does Exploration Provide me?

Exploration provides an actual look into what is happening inside the wall cavity. This allows you to take action to repair the actual building issue that is causing damage and coordinate future building maintenance activities.

Do Budgets Dictate Exploration or does Exploration dictate Budgets?

Exploration focuses existing budget dollars to repairing the most severe problems or areas that have the greatest repair impact. Exploration can be a great tool in forecasting future budget planning as needs can be assessed and balanced with other upcoming building projects.

Are there High-Tech Ways to See into the Building Without Exploration?

Thermal camera technology is often deployed to show temperature differentials on the surface of the building. Looking for irregularities in the thermal pattern can sometimes show areas of concern, which then need exploration to determine the source of the problem. Thermal imaging may help building owners locate irregularities, but exploration will still be needed to determine the source of the problem and the best course of action for repairs. When looking for thermal imaging, we recommend you contact a certified engineering or building consulting firm.

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